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Three of four graduates

We are so excited to say we celebrated FOUR graduates this week!

Thomas Graduated!

He joined Mindful Works in October of 2022.

Through hard work and perseverance, he became very skilled in baking, understanding and working with fabric and serging.

AND became a master at sewing napkins!

Having developed work-confidence and stamina, he has moved onto a job in the traditional labor market.

We are excited for him as he gains  more opportunities and increased engagement in the community.

Congratulations, Thomas!


AND Congratulations to our 2023 Graduates, Valeria, Isabel and Tannen!

Our interns, Valeria graduated from CSU with a Bachelors of Social Work degree, Isabel and Tannen both graduated from CU with Bachelors degrees in Psychology.

How incredibly fortunate Mindful Works is to have them as part of our Team!

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