Production Sample Checklist

Please provide the following for each product you would like to produce:

  • Complete tech pack- this should include step-by-step instructions for sewing
  • Completed and tested patterns
  • Completed and tested sample
  • Fabric- exact fabric for production or similar weight and feel. Enough for 3 samples
  • Notions- if your samples includes zippers, buttons, trim, ect.- enough for 3 samples
  • Tags- if you have any sew in tags or hang tags
  • Thread- if you want a specific color, if not we will use our in house thread
  • Needles and tools- if your product needs any special tools or needles

This production planning process starts at $120 per product (due upfront)

We will make three samples, one practice sample, one for us to keep as an example, and one for you to review.