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Why Work With Us

You Value People

Our job-training program allows people to take the first step back into the traditional job market. We focus on confidence and community to allow people to learn real job skills at their own pace. By partnering with Mindful Works, you are supporting our apprentices in their recovery.

You Value High Quality

A key part of our program is teaching all of our skills to a high standard. This way, our apprentices learn high value skills and our customers are getting long lasting products. We will not agree to take on any project that we don’t believe we can make well.

Our Production Process

Step 1

Are we a good fit?

  • Bring us your already completed design, patterns and a sample to look over
  • We require a 10-piece minimum for larger peices or 20- peice minimum for smaller peices per style.

Please see our checklist before our first meeting:

Production Sample Checklist 


Missing something on the checklist? Don’t Fret! Contact us for assistance.


Step 2

Production Sample

This will happen after we have looked over your design and samples and if we have decided to move forward

  • You will have a consultation with the Mindful Works team to show us the details of your product
  • Mindful Works stitchers will make three samples
  • Once the samples are made, we will then be able to give an exact price and time frame for production
  • Turn around time will differ depending on the size and intricacy of the products as well as the time of the year
Fabric samples and someone writing a note

Step 3


Once we are ready to start production, these are the final steps:

  • Approve our sample and unit costing price
  • Have materials shipped to our studio
  • Work together to schedule production of your product! Production is scheduled per time of year and company  timeline. It could start immediately or be scheduled  1-3 months out. 
Dedicated to Value

As Mindful Works strives to eliminate obstacles to employment for those in recovery from mental illness, we have achieved a strong community partnership with the Division of Rehabilitation and community mental health providers. Mindful Works is a trusted community partner.

Mindful Works offers transitional employment—a real job and a real salary—to program participants as they train and prepare for the time when they will begin their search for employment in the community. Participants cultivate a work ethic as they hone job-related skills such as:

  • Time management (including attendance and punctuality)
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Practicing interpersonal skills

Training and experiences vary based on each participant’s skill and ability level, and their interests. Opportunities range from sewing – to computers – to sales – and just about everything in between. This transitional work experience translates to a positive line on a resume, a positive work reference, and a boost in self-esteem. Mindful Works paves the path for rewarding employment in the community.

Lynn R.

What a versatile piece of furniture! And lightweight, so easy to put away if not needed. And the organization sounds empowering to its workers. I’m happy to support such an endeavor Thank you!

Carole Jones

It is a joy to visit Mindful Work and to witness all busy producing colorful and useful items. Over the years so many apprentices have mastered their emotional and social challenges while producing an array of items pleasing to the senses and useful for the purchaser. Such synergy benefits us all and counts among the positives of our community. Thank you for all you do.

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We are accepting volunteers at this time and would love to have you on our team!

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