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Production Check List

Please provide the following for each product you would like to produce:

  • Complete tech pack- this should include step-by-step instructions for sewing
  • Completed and tested patterns
  • Completed and tested sample
  • Fabric- exact fabric for production or similar weight and feel. Enough for 3 samples
  • Notions- if your samples includes zippers, buttons, trim, ect.- enough for 3 samples
  • Tags- if you have any sew in tags or hang tags
  • Thread- if you want a specific color, if not we will use our in house thread
  • Needles and tools- if your product needs any special tools or needles

This production planning process starts at $120 per product (due upfront)

We will make three samples, one practice sample, one for us to keep as an example, and one for you to review.

Lynn R.

What a versatile piece of furniture! And lightweight, so easy to put away if not needed. And the organization sounds empowering to its workers. I’m happy to support such an endeavor Thank you!

Carole Jones

It is a joy to visit Mindful Work and to witness all busy producing colorful and useful items. Over the years so many apprentices have mastered their emotional and social challenges while producing an array of items pleasing to the senses and useful for the purchaser. Such synergy benefits us all and counts among the positives of our community. Thank you for all you do.

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