Every Stitch a Purpose

Stylish, quality products Handmade in Boulder by individuals in recovery from mental health challenges

our mission

Employment. Confidence. Community.

We provide job-driven training and real employment opportunities to those in recovery from mental illness. Program participants develop skills in the design, production, and sales of high-quality, hand-crafted, wellness, meditation, and home décor products.

Through a combination of individual empowerment and community involvement, we intend to erase the stigma associated with mental illness.

What is a Pouf?

A pouf is a large, solid cushion that is typically located on the floor surrounded by other pieces of furniture. Use them to rest your feet, as an extra seat, or as a tray table. Poufs are a versatile accent piece that is perfect for any room in your home.

Featured Product

3D Masks

You can’t go to the movies but you can still get a 3D experience with these new masks. Our 3D masks create a pocket of air making it easier to breathe. Two layers of tightly woven 100% cotton. Soft elastic for ears.

Our styles are constantly changing so let us know if you have a color range you prefer for your mask. If you don’t have a preference, we’ll choose something wonderful for you!

Handmade in Boulder, Colorado by individuals in recovery from mental health challenges

Featured Product

Zafu – Orange Menagerie

Decorated with orange and teal elephants, this meditation cushion is one of our customer favorites. Filled with buckwheat hulls to make your meditation more comfortable.  Handmade in Boulder, Colorado by individuals in recovery from mental health challenges.

Love this pouf! Have gotten so many compliments on it and really appreciate all the great work this organization does! Highly recommend Mindful Works products!

Willow S.

Love our pouf! It’s well made, just the right height, and just firm enough and soft enough to be comfortable. Thanks!

Susan M.

This organization is amazing! Their products are beautiful. Such a great cause, too!

Hélène T.

These people are true spirits with talent & grace. Their bright energy comes through in everything they make. I am so grateful to own a piece of the work they produce. I can feel the love as I sit on my cushions. ♥️♥️

Anna N.

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